Larry Couture has been creating unique hand built furniture as a hobby off and on for nearly 30 years. He has primarily produced pieces for family and friends, but recently began accepting commissioned work.

Larry Couture Designs is a small woodworking studio located in Claremont, California. Our mission is to produce unique studio and fine furniture using traditional methods and contemporary designs. We prefer the use of exotic hardwoods and our designs tend to incorporate harder to make, but more interesting, curved shapes. The furniture presented here is one-of-a-kind custom work. They are intended to offer a sampling of the possibilities available, and to inspire you as you consider commissioning a piece of your own.

If you are considering having a piece of furniture made, please visit the galleries and have a look at recently created pieces. To discuss having a unique custom piece made for you, please visit the Contact US page.

The studio is not a high output production shop and there may be a wait, but if you are interested in something you see on this site, or have an idea for a piece you cannot find elsewhere, contact us to see if it might be something we can create for you.